Oak Street Creative is the brainchild of John Odziemek who has been imagining, designing, and creating for over 20 years. He has worked for award-winning ad agencies, printing facilities, and in-house corporate and non-profit marketing departments. John focuses on building great brands by creating world-class visual and written communications.

Whether you are a small or large business, entrepreneur, or start-up, Oak Street values each client and wants to help you achieve your business goals.

John Odziemek
Part of great design is vision and passion. Before I start any assignment, I ask the important questions—and one of the most important is, “Who is your target audience?” Once that is determined, the creative process begins, the vision is birthed, and passion takes over. When all those happen, design shines and clients beam.

My Promise


I am dedicated to great design by striving to exemplify excellence in the graphic design industry.


Some of the best creative is done through collaboration. I don’t exclude my clients in the process.


I keep all my communication real. I am dedicated to listening to you and understanding your unique messaging.


I focus on the big picture, but also take care of the small details that can make great creative less than ideal.


I recognize the value of each client, their business goals, and want to help you achieve success.

» Attachmate
» Avenue A | Razorfish
» Byers & Anderson
» Danard Electric
» Dark Horse Homes LLC
» The Domain Group
» Financial Advocates
» Footprint Promotions
» H2Hope

» InfoSpace
» ITG Computer & Network Services
» Microsoft (Office Live)
» MRM Worldwide
» Palazzo Intercreative
» Preston Gates & Ellis LLP
» Publicis
» Refrigeration Unlimited (RUI)

» Russell Investment Group
» Scott Miller, Author
» University of Puget Sound
» Westmark Construction
» Willamette Wealth Management
» World Vision
» Zetec

Visual Story Teller
Branding Aficionado
Website Designer
Print Designer
Reformed Coffee-aholic


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